Mitt Romney: RINO

Willard Mitt Romney (born March 12, 1947)  Destroyed Massachusetts with the forerunner of Obamacare while governor.  Despite all the evidence to the contrary, Romney believes global warming is caused by man.  He is pro-cap and trade, pro-gay marriage, pro-abortion, pro-big government, and pro-liberal progressive agenda.  For up to date information and videos visit:


  1. A few highlights from Romney’s record show just how unfriendly he has been over the years to the ideas the tea party holds dear:

    -Romney supports TARP.
    -Romney led the fight for and implemented health care reform almost identical to ObamaCare in Massachusetts.
    -Romney supports cap-and-trade “on a global basis”.
    -Romney says there’s nothing wrong with companies asking for bailouts.
    -Romney supports reappointing Ben Bernanke to chairman of the Federal Reserve.

    And that’s just the beginning of his anti-Tea Party record.
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  2. This week a group I work for, The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama, released a video highlighting Mitt Romney’s liberal record – using his own words.

    You can see that video here:

    We’ve heard from Mitt Romney’s supporters – some working on his campaign – and they are furious with us. They say we are wounding the presumptive GOP frontrunner in the presidential race.

    But I am sharing this video with you because I think it’s important for conservatives and Republicans to have an open and honest debate about the candidates who seek the Republican nomination for president.

    It’s ludicrous that before a single vote has been cast that conservatives and Republicans should be told to basically shut up and suck it up and support Mitt Romney.

    When a candidate (Mitt Romney) has fought Republicans and conservative principles on almost every important issue facing America, then certainly rational minds should wonder whether that candidate is the best person to champion the Republican Party’s platform in the 2012 presidential election.

    -Joe Wierzbicki
    Executive Director, The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama

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